Zahir Raihan

zahir raihan

Zahir Raihan (Mohammad Zahirullah), a Bangladeshi writer, novelist and filmmaker, was born on 19 August, 1935 in Majupur village, in Feni District. He is most splendent for his documentary ‘Stop Genocide’ made during the Bangladesh Liberation War. He achieved his bachelor degree in Bengali from the University of Dhaka. His first collection of short stories, titled Suryagrahan (সূর্যগ্রহণ), was published in 1955. He wrote too many fantastic novels like Shesh Bikeler Meye ( A Girl in the Late-Afternoon/শেষ বিকালের মেয়ে), Borof Gola Nodi (River of Melted Ice/বরফ গলা নদী), Trishna (Thirst/তৃষ্ণা),Hajar Bochhor Dhore (For Thousand Years/হাজার বছর ধরে),Arek Falgun (Different Spring/আরেক ফাল্গুন), Ar Koto Din (How Many More Days/আর কতদিন),Ekushey February (21 February/একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি). Alongside, he had gifted us a bunch of amazing short stories named as Sonar Horin (The golden deer/সোনার হরিণ), Somoyer Proyojone (For the need of time/সময়ের প্রয়োজন), Ekti Jiggasa (One question/একটি জিজ্ঞাসা), Oti Porichito (Very familiar/অতি পরিচিত), Harano Boloy (The lost ringহারানো বলয়), Badh (The protest/বাঁধ), Surjagrohon (The Solar Eclipse/সূর্যগ্রহণ), Noya Potton (The new foundation/নয়াপত্তন), Mohamrittu (The great death/মহামৃত্যু), Bhangachora (The broken/ভাঙাচোরা), Oporadh (The crime/অপরাধ), Shikriti (The congratulations/স্বীকৃতি), Jonmantor(জন্মান্তর), Ichha Onichha (Wish or no wish/ইচ্ছা অনিচ্ছা), Poster(পোস্টার), Ichhar Agune Jolchhi (Burnt in the fire of wish/ইচ্ছার আগুনে জ্বলছি), Ekusher Golpo (Story of 21 February/একুশের গল্প), Kotogulo Kukurer Artonad (Bark of some dogs/কতগুলো কুকুরের আর্তনাদ), Koekti Shonglap (Some dialogues/কয়েকটা সংলাপ), Demag (Pride/দেমাগ), Massacre. He got many awards like Bangla Academy Literary Award (1972), Independence Day Award (1992), Ekushey Padak (1977). Zahir Raihan disappeared on 30 January, 1972 trying to locate his brother, a notable writer Shahidullah Kaiser, who was captured and killed by the Pakistan army and/or local collaborators during the final days of the liberation war.