Humayun Ahmed

humayun ahmed

Humayun Ahmed (November 13, 1948 – July 19, 2012) is one of the most popular Bengali fiction writers of the 20th century. He was considered the best writer after the independence of Bangladesh. He is a novelist, short story writer, playwright and songwriter. He is said to be the pioneer of modern Bengali science fiction. He also won the Drama and the Film Director. The number of his published books is more than two hundred. He is the father of the new style of Bengali dialogue. Some of his books have been translated into different languages ​​of the world, some of the books are taught in the syllabus of the school-college university. From the end of the seventies to the beginning, he was an unmatched artisan of Bangla story-novel. In this period, the popularity of his novels and novels was unmatched. Himu and Misir Ali , his creation, deeply inspired the young people of Bangladesh. The films he produced have earned outstanding enthusiasm. But his television plays were the most popular. Though not much in number, his songs have got a lot of popularity. One of his novels is Nandit Naraka, Moddhanno, Jochna O Jananir Golpo, Matal Hawa etc. Some of his films are made of Dui Duyari, Srabon Megher Din, Ghetu-putra Komola etc.

He was working as a professor of Chemistry Department of Dhaka University. He left teaching for the sake of writing and film-making. During the liberation war of 1971, Pakistani army detained him and fired for assassination after torture.